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Straight Pruning Shears Vs. Curved Garden Pruning Tools (What’s The Better Option?)

Straight Pruning Shears Vs. Curved Garden Pruning Tools (What’s The Better Option?)

May 22, 2023

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Many Garden Pruning Tools would be interested to discover the difference between curved and straight pruning shears in US and their performance.  Generally, both straight and curved pruning shears/saws are quite beneficial under specific circumstances. The height between your shoulders and waist is a preferable pruning range for a straight saw. When pruning above or below the waist, a curved saw is more practical.

Straight Vs. Curved Pruning Saw

The shape of the blade is the primary distinction between straight and curved pruning saws. However, as was already said, the two varieties are meant to be employed at various heights. Curved pruning saws are also superior for heavy-duty cutting. Smaller branches are better suited for straight saws.

Straight-blade pruning saws can also be utilized for ordinary woodworking jobs because of their simpler construction, which is another distinction between these two kinds of saws. However, they are not appropriate for cutting in awkward low-down or high-up positions. On the other hand, curved blades work best when sawing close to the ground.

Garden Pruning Tools

Select a Straight Saw for General use

It is preferable to purchase a straight-bladed saw if you want to use the saw on a variety of plants and trees that are different in stature.

Selecting Curved or Straight Pruning Shears in US: What to Consider 

The most important—though not the only—factor to take into account is the height you plan to prune.

It's important to keep in mind that straight and curved saws have varied sawing capabilities. Here is a breakdown of the various variables taken into account when deciding whether straight or curved pruning saws perform better.

Your prior sawing knowledge will be crucial when deciding which saw to buy.


Next, consider your comfort. Pruners are a multi-purpose item. You'll likely use this tool several times, possibly over the course of several sessions.

Try the pruner in your hand before making a purchase to get a feel for the grip. Consider weight and design if you have mobility or strength difficulties. Avoid putting too much weight or heft on your hand to prevent hand fatigue.

Can A Curved Pruning Saw Replace a Straight One in Pruning?

The answer is no; a pruning saw with a curved blade is not superior to one with a straight blade. But even though many people claim they are more adaptable, straight-bladed pruning saws are not necessarily superior to those with curved blades. Having at least one straight and one curved pruning saw on hand may be a good idea if you plan to do a lot of hand pruning.

In the end, it doesn't really matter if the pruning saw has a curved or straight blade. You must make sure you have the appropriate tools on hand while pruning the trees and bushes in your garden. Never forget the importance of training young trees and helping them to build a sturdy framework. If you don't prune them correctly (or at all), you'll have to deal with needlessly difficult pruning later on in their lives.

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Straight or Curved Pruning Tools—They Must Be Properly Maintained

Keep your pruners clean and well-honed to extend their lifespan. Make sure to clean off any dust or dirt after using them. You shouldn't, obviously, leave your pruners out in the rain. You can mist a solvent on parts to help keep them greased, such as WD-40. The blades, locking system, and spring are all part of this. If your pruner has a blade-tightening feature, use it frequently. Bypass pruners won't work as well as they once did, as the blades will begin to loosen with time.

So, are you looking for sturdy and durable straight pruning shears in US? Get in touch with us today.