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GARDENESS is established by a couple, Cecilia and Cedric, who are passionate about indoor and outdoor gardening. They find that most of the products on sale in ‘brick and mortar’ stores or online shops are neither as good nor as durable as they were a couple of decades ago.


The reasons behind the poor quality of those mass produced garden tools are low cost production and poor quality assurance.
Part 1: The One Stop Shop For All Your Gardening Needs Do you have your dream garden in mind but are at a loss as to how to make it come true? The options available can seem endless, with many expensive and complicated products to help you achieve your goals.


For true garden lovers, the quality of currently available items do not meet with their expectations, so Cecilia and Cedric decided to design and manufacture GARDENESS products with the philosophy of reliable components and premium materials to make sure every item of the GARDENESS products are good quality. To date GARDENESS mainly produces Garden Scissor, Pruning Snips, Pruning Shears and Pruning Saw to benefit all gardeners around the world.