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Which material is used to make a hand-pruning saw?

The tool is created from high-carbon steel of superior quality, which makes it highly reliable, sturdy, and easy to use. Also, it is rust-resistance which makes it famous.

Does the Garden hand pruning saw have Replaceable blades?

Yes, these saws have replaceable blades. So if the edges of these saws lose sharpness or get damaged for any reason, you can get them changed rather than buying a new one.

What is the length of this pruning saw?

Its cutting edge is 330 mm in length and one mm in thickness. This thickness, as well as the size of these, saw makes them perfect to use for your cutting tasks.

What is so special about the handles of the hand pruning saw?

The handles of these saws are created utilizing PP plastic of the best quality. These handles are secure and protected for beginners and provide a firm grip.

How many levels of teeth are present in the garden saw?

Considering the teeth of these saws are of 3 levels which is the reason for their sharpness. Every tooth of this saw is treated with high recurrence heat so that its sharpness would be maintained

What is special about the design of this saw?

Regarding its design, the entire structure of this saw is very user-friendly and easy to use. Moreover, its cutting edges have remarkable cutting audacity, making it exceptionally well-known.

What is the purpose of this pruning tool?

The garden hand pruning saw retains a handle as well as a blade of the best quality. Its blade is made using top-notch quality materials that help make your gardening errands easier.

What are the benefits of a garden hand-pruning saw?

This tool is very beneficial for pruning the dead branches of your lawns. Also, it helps you make your cultivating tasks extremely easy compared to scissors. You can prune your plants for hours without getting fed up and bored.