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Sharpening Garden Hand Pruning Tools The Right Way

Sharpening Garden Hand Pruning Tools The Right Way

May 22, 2023

Rabia rauf

Over time, a garden hand pruning tool, including shears, shovels, garden shears, knives, and many others, can become dull, becoming less effective and possibly deadly. Use these suggestions to keep your tools sharp. To make sure you have everything you need, you might need to make a quick trip to the hardware shop or home improvement center.

How To Sharpen a Garden Hand Pruning Tool?

With a clean, sharp edge, digging tools like garden hoes will cut into the dirt with a lot less effort. Spades, trowels, and other tools can be sharpened by running a metal file down the edges of the blade. Work your way along the front and back of the blade while maintaining a shallow angle. If you have one, clamp the tool firmly while you work using a vice. Finally, apply oil to the blade edges to seal them. Keep in mind to take care of wooden handles. These can be cleaned, then polished with a natural protective oil like teak oil after being smoothed out with sandpaper or a sanding sponge.

Maintenance of Pruning Tools

Pruning is less physically demanding and less likely to spread plant diseases when done with well-maintained pruning equipment. Make sure your pruning tools are clean, to begin with. If necessary, use a wire brush or wire wool to get rid of any entrenched sap or grime. After washing them in soapy water, towel them off. Shears, pruners, and loppers are all sharpened in a similar manner. Hold the instrument firmly in place before running the sharpener over the blade's edge. Utilize a file, whetstone, or sharpening stone that is suitable for the blade's size. Working the stone in the same direction as the bevel, just sharpen the cutting blade itself. It could be necessary to work smaller blades in a circular motion. Sharpening should be finished in two to five passes with the file or stone.

Sharpening of Garden Shears

Some garden shears, such as "sheep" shears, lawn edging shears, and hedge shears, come with a sharpener that is uniquely made for that type of shear. Others could be sharpened using standard sharpening equipment, but if the blades do not separate, or the shears are very blunt, this is a challenging task. It is typically better to get them professionally sharpened in this situation. Purchase new garden shears and make careful to only use them on smaller branches if you see that the blade is bent or nicked. Important information: Shears, along with the majority of the other instruments on our website, can corrode or accumulate thick layers of filth over time. Prior to beginning to sharpen, it is essential to remove any rust or dirt. High-grit sandpaper is helpful in this situation. Before starting to sharpen the blades, sand them till they have a good gloss.

What Are the Best Methods to Sharpen Garden Tools? 

With Whetstones: 

The name "whet" originally meant to sharpen; these are chunks of fine-grained stone. Depending on whether they require water or oil for lubrication to help the blade go across the stone, whetstones are divided into two categories. Either type can be used to sharpen blades like knives and secateurs; just make sure the right lubricant is applied; otherwise, the stone will become ineffective. Some stones have grit on both their coarse and fine sides. On a solid surface, such as a kitchen table, use whetstones.

Sharpening Tools with Diamond Coating: 

Sharpening a garden hand pruning tool with diamond coating is available in a variety of sizes and shapes. For on-the-go sharpening of secateurs and knives, small pocket-sized equipment or diamond-coated blocks are best. Spades and hoes can be filed with diamond-coated files.

Sharpening Steels: 

They are typically used on kitchen knives as sharpening steels. For maintenance garden tools like loppers, gardening versions are offered.


These are useful for quickly honing gardening implements like spades and hoes. Pick one that can handle working with metal. Get in touch with us today to buy garden pruning tools at reasonable rates.