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Japanese Hand Pruning Saw - A beginner’s Guide to using this tool

Japanese Hand Pruning Saw - A beginner’s Guide to using this tool

May 22, 2023

Rabia rauf

At present, everyone is looking for innovative tools to run their errands so that they can make their jobs easier and simpler. Similar to other tasks, there are various gardening maintenance tasks as well, which require some modern tools and techniques. For gardeners, a significant thing is cutting branches of trees or wood. However, numerous saws are available for cutting them, but some branches are at a height and can only be reached with the assistance of a ladder. Therefore, they need a Japanese Hand Pruning Saw with an extended handle.

If we talk about cutting wood, a gardener uses the saw by looking at the cut region outwardly. Its handle is created so that the saw can be used gently and pulled firmly while still having the capability to look at the cut. Additionally, the shape of its handle is oval to keep the saw from circulating while he is cutting.

How to Hold Japanese Hand Pruning Saw Correctly?

Once you have decided to get a Japanese saw for yourself, you might wonder how to hold them accurately to get the best and most precise cut. Are you interested to know about these? If yes, then please continue reading below. Well, there are two best ways by which you can hold these saws to get your expected results. The first is a one-handed pull, while the second is a both-handed pull. Now, let’s discuss these both ways in detail.

One-Handed Pull:

In this way, you cut by gripping the wood in your non-dominant hand. This method is appropriate for cutting little or thin pieces due to wood movement. For this, put your index finger in the center of its handle so that your knuckle is straight over this tool. Grip the handle firmly with your center, ring, and tiny fingers, and just lay your thumb on its handle. If you follow these instructions correctly before cutting, a precise and neat cut is guaranteed.

Two-Handed Pull:

This way is more appropriate for cutting huge or thick lumbers due to its strength. Furthermore, if you do rip cutting, it will generally cause more flutter of the wood; that's where experts highly suggest this way. To use this correctly, grip the end of the handle in your dominant hand similarly to the first way we discussed.

Now, your non-dominant hand must be stretched out quite far without changing the position, and delicately grasp the handle piece near the sharp edge. Your dominant hand is put before the other hand for more power. This non-dominant hand is just a help and is mainly used to control the teeth. Keep in mind not to fix your grasp on the handle of a saw.

Best Thing About Extended Handled Japanese Hand Pruning Saw:

The best things about these saws are their flexibility and productivity. You can easily trim the branches of trees or herbs without any ladder. Furthermore, as you know, it is a tool of Japan, and the wonderful thing about their tools is their cutting audacity due to sharp cutting edges.


In case your garden has taller branches, and you have to use a ladder to reach them, then this Japanese Hand Pruning Saw with an extended handle is for you. Moreover, a step-by-step guide about the two ways to use these saws has already been described, which will be helpful for you in clearing your queries. If you are searching for a one-stop shop for all garden tools, explore everything with - one of the leading names in gardening equipment.