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How To Use Handy Gardening micro pruning shears Tools?

How To Use Handy Gardening micro pruning shears Tools?

May 22, 2023

Rabia rauf


Hand pruners, also known as pruning shears, are specialized heavy-duty scissors used for cutting through tough plant stems and thick shrub branches. When gardening, farming, or arranging flowers, these are the equipment you need. And do you know what micro pruning shears are? Micro-tip Pruning Shears have sharp blades that allow for clean, healthy cuts in confined spaces all the way to the tip. Blades made of extensively hardened and finely ground stainless steel maintain their sharpness even during hefty use. You are advised to refrain from dulling your garden shears by cutting thicker branches.

Exactly how many variants of garden shears and pruners are there? According to the professionals we consulted, there are primarily many distinct kinds of pruning shears to take into account;

  • Anvil pruners,
  •  Bypass pruners
  • Ratchet pruners.
  • Thinning  cuts
  • Reduction cuts

Benefits of Micro Pruning shears

  • Micro Pruning Shears may give plants and flowers the precise cuts they need to flourish. 
  • These pointed blades cut to the tip for clean, precise, healthy cuts and have wholly hardened, stainless steel blades with a precision-ground edge for long-lasting sharpness despite heavy usage, making them ideal for getting into small spots. 
  • Gardeners with more extensive hands or gloves will appreciate the extra-large handle Loops. 

How to Correctly Use Micro Pruning Shears

Switching to pruning shears could seem like a giant leap if you're accustomed to regular scissors. It may be an alternative to using scissors. Below are some helpful suggestions for using a pair of secateurs for pruning.

1. Choose the proper vantage point

Cutting straight through is all needed for heading or removing dead blooms or stems. A slanting cut, on the other hand, is best for plant propagation. Be cautious about cutting further from a node to prevent water from accumulating and the cut area from decaying.

2. Bring the Branch all the Way in

Don't think your pruners are scissors, and use them as such. Your hand will become tired from all the snipping you have to go through the branches. Instead, hold the branches firmly yet comfortably between the blades and grip the handle firmly. The blades of the pruners may be preserved if you pay attention to these little details.

3. Succeeding in Securing a Position

You may stabilize a stem or a branch by holding it. Squeeze the handle to shut the blades of the pruning shears after the branch is wedged between them. The stem may be slashed in a single move.

Safety measures

Avoidance is always preferable to treatment regarding chores around the home and in the garden. Take safety precautions and educate yourself on proper tool handling to reduce the likelihood of accidents and prolonged tool wear and tear. Take a look at these valuable hints.

1. Perform with Ease

You should use only one hand to pick off individual stems and branches. Plus, you want to avoid bending down and straining your back every time you set down and retrieve a piece of equipment. Having a holster to carry gardening tools is quite convenient. It will save you from using your hands to hold your tools and keep them secure.

2. Put on Safety Equipment

Pruners may be tiring to use because of the friction they cause on the skin of the hand. A good pair of sturdy gardening gloves is a must for hand protection. As the old proverb goes, "Accidents happen in the Garden." The adage "prevention is better than cure" rings true here. Always dress for the task at hand while tending a garden. Wearing work boots to protect your feet and safety goggles to protect your eyes is recommended while pruning.

3. Don't let Your Shears Become Dull and Dirty.
  • Pruning shears, if cared for properly, may survive for decades, reducing the need to replace expensive gardening equipment constantly.
  • Clean your prunes of plant parts and debris lodged in the crevices before and after using it. That will get you up and running with the apparatus. Effectively, and stay safe on the job.
  • Pruning shears are most easily used when they are in tip-top shape. The essential thing is to keep the cables intact. Although pruners might be easily mistaken for pliers, you should avoid doing so.

Tips for Maintenance

  • Applying lubricating oil to the blade will keep it in good working order and extend its lifespan. 
  • Try to keep the blade from being bent, which would prohibit it from opening and closing correctly.
  • The blades may be kept safe while they are not in use with the accompanying blade cover.
Final Thoughts

To sum up, micro pruning shears significantly make your garden look attractive, tidy and well-ordered. The article includes extensive information regarding the use, tips and benefits of these garden tools. This information will be enough helpful in using the pruning shears correctly. Moreover, you can use these tools for a long period of time by adopting above mentioned maintenance tips. If you are thinking of taking any of your garden tools, is highly recommended to buy all sorts of garden pruning shears.