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How To Clean Trimming Scissors for Cannabis?

How To Clean Trimming Scissors for Cannabis?

May 22, 2023

Rabia rauf

To keep the blades sharp and the bud-trimming procedure quick and efficient, all trimming scissors for cannabis must be cleaned frequently. Working with sterile cannabis tools is crucial whether you're selling or cultivating for yourself. If sticky scissors aren't cleaned, you can end up with cheap flowers that aren't good enough to sell or eat. However, the ideal method for cleaning trimming scissors will always include the three fundamental stages of scrape, rub, and oil, regardless of the variations brought on by each unique crop.

Why Is Cannabis Scissors Cleaning Important?

There are numerous growers out there, and they all ask this crucial question. If you're only using your scissors for this task, why would you need to clean them? Cleaning is an integral component of the maintenance and upkeep procedure, just like any instrument you use frequently.  It's an essential precaution in this instance to avoid potential cross-contamination in the batch you use your scissors on later. Your pruning tool is probably partially to blame if you're dealing with moldy buds all the time. Cleaning your trimming scissors for cannabis is a tremendous favor you can do for yourself. This will benefit not only you but also your priceless buds. Tools can be more durable as a result of this method, which can also help you save money on them.

Clean Trimming Scissors for Cannabis

Tips For Cleaning Trimming Scissors for Cannabis

As previously stated, you must be meticulous when cleaning. But the procedures aren't particularly difficult.

Rough Alcohol

One of the best cleaners available is high-grade alcohol, which is a wonderful addition to any cannabis grower's toolkit. It performs an excellent job of eliminating resin from sticky scissors in addition to cleaning vaporizers and other smoking accessories. The blades should begin to gleam with repeated rubbing, but you'll need a firm cloth and some elbow grease. Rub the blades with rubbing alcohol for 15 minutes before cleaning if there are any difficult-to-remove stains or unpleasant buildup.

Scrape the Resin Off

Plant debris and glue that have become adhered to the blades will be your first obstacle to overcome. This layer of paste-like trichomes is made up of all of them. The snipping movement will consequently become a little tighter and less fluid. This is where you need to use your scalpel. Scrape the scissor hash into a small bowl with care. This waste material can be put to good use, so don't discard it!

Using Vinegar

Given that most people already have white vinegar in their cabinets, this is a great choice for frugal growers. Apply the same method as when using rubbing alcohol and wipe the blades several times to get them clean. White vinegar won't remove resin as effectively as professional cleaning tools, so it can take several applications before your scissors are completely clean. After cleaning your trimming blades of all glue, plant matter, and stickiness, you should finish the task by lubricating the cutting edges of your trimming scissorsThe scissors will remain in perfect functioning condition with the aid of oil. You can cut more easily, in particular, if you frequently grease the pivot on your blades. Just be careful not to let any oil remain on your trimming scissors when you return to cutting your buds since this will impair the quality of your bloom.

Citrus Eliminator

Citrus remover is a different natural cure that functions almost as well as rubbing alcohol. The liquid produced when baking soda, coconut oil, and natural citrus oil are combined in a dish will quickly dissolve sticky cannabis resin.  Alternatively, you might use a really straightforward method and rub the blades with citrus peel (the citrus oil is in the peel).