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How To Choose the Right Gonicc Pruning Shears for a Small-Scale Garden

How To Choose the Right Gonicc Pruning Shears for a Small-Scale Garden

May 22, 2023

Rabia rauf

Whether you do gardening as a pastime or for a living, investing in a good set of garden shears tailored to your needs will make pruning much simpler.  A sturdy pair of garden scissors that will give you clean, accurate cuts, is pleasant to use, and provide you increased strength for successful pruning are a need whether you're deadheading, snipping branches, or cutting back bushes. This blog entails some important factors you should be aware of before choosing a pair of Gonicc pruning shears because there are various varieties on the market.

Aesthetic Design

Pruning may be extremely taxing, particularly if you do it for extended periods of time. Whether you do this task frequently or for longer periods of time, the objective is to have a pair of scissors that require less effort from you.  This makes pruning more comfortable for you. When pruning, using models that are lightweight, ergonomically constructed, and grip-friendly can increase your hands' comfort and support.  Anti-slip handles with shock-absorbing padding can aid in ensuring a secure grasp and avoiding wrist injuries and strain. Finding the best pruning shears is a difficult endeavor, made more difficult by the market's abundance of goods with similar features and quality.

Cutting-Edge Efficiency

Because the materials are not strong, low-quality pruners are prone to nicking, warping, and breaking. Additionally, the blades need to be sharpened frequently to avoid injuring your priceless perennial plants because they become dull quickly. Look for hand pruners that are forged from carbon steel while shopping around because the metal is durable, corrosion-proof, and weatherproof.  The material is less likely to distort and nick, and the blades maintain their razor-sharpness. High-quality pruners like Gonicc pruning shears simply require a quick sharpening to work at their best. It only requires a quick wipe with an oiled towel after use.

Precut 2-Step Cutting Positions

You can choose whether to fully or partially open your pruners using this function. Depending on the sort of plants you prune, this allows you to choose how wide your blades will spread. Some pruners have a unique feature that provides a 2-step preset cutting choice if you're seeking tools that can adjust depending on who is using the tool. Depending on the user's inclination, this function gives them the ability to partially or fully open the handles. The option to just half open the handles when cutting tiny branches can be used to lessen hand fatigue.


When choosing garden pruners, price shouldn't be the main determining element, but it is something to take into account when assessing the tool's quality. Even while the priciest pruners aren't always the most reliable, you usually get what you pay for. You need a hand pruner that is reasonably priced. Cost should be commensurate with tool quality. If you just want to use the hand pruner occasionally, there is no need to get one with all the bells and whistles. Generally speaking, get the best hand pruner you can.

Using Gonicc Pruning Shears the Right Way

When using pruning shears, slide the branch to be cut between the shears' blades and squeeze the handles together to seal the blades.  The branch will be chopped off from the plant by this cutting motion, which embeds the blades into the branch. Always cut branches with shears that are the right size for the branch you are working with.


For instance, using half-inch shears on a branch that is larger than that should be avoided because doing so could cause the blades of the gardening instrument to break.