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What does this warranty cover?

Ever Harvest International Co., Ltd. (“Gardeness”) warrants that the products shall be free from manufacturing defects in material or workmanship under normal use and conditions, during the Warranty Period.

How long does the coverage last?

The Warranty Period shall commence on the date of purchase of the product by Customer and end one 1 year (365 days) after that date.

During the Warranty Period, Gardeness will offer a free replacement at no cost to the consumer if any of the product or part of the product proves to be defective because of improper material or workmanship, under normal use and maintenance. This warranty does not apply to damage resulting from failure to follow instructions concerning the use and care of the product or from any alteration or repair of the product made by anyone other than Gardeness.)

Who is Covered?

This Limited Warranty applies to all Gardeness products sold by or Shop Gardeness and Gardeness Store via,,,,,,

What does this limited warranty not cover?

  1. Normal wear and tear, including parts that might wear out over time (e.g. blade, saw blade)
  2. If the product has been modified from its original condition
  3. If the product has not been used in accordance with directions and instructions in the products information
  4. Damages or defects caused by accident, abuse, misuse, or improper or inadequate maintenance
  5. Damages or defects caused by service or repair of the product performed by an unauthorized service provider or by anyone other than Gardeness
  6. Damages or defects occurring during commercial use, rental use, or any use for which the product is not intended

Be Aware of Unauthorized Dealers or Sellers

Gardeness’s warranty is valid only on products purchased from authorized dealers that are subject to Gardeness’s quality controls and comply with its quality controls. This warranty does not extend to products purchased from unauthorized dealers or sellers.

If you think you may have purchased your product from an unauthorized seller, please contact our Customer Support via